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I graduated from Sheffield University in 2010 with a 2.1 in Zoology, then decided that what I really wanted to do was cook, so I enrolled at Leiths School of Food and Wine in London. Best and hardest year of my life, but I learnt a lot and made some wonderful friends, and ate a lot to boot.

Since graduating from Leiths with a First Class Pass Diploma in Food and Wine (though I’m not too sure about the wine bit and I’m also not sure what a first class pass is, but it sounds good), I’ve worked as a chef at Jamie’s Italian and for a rather spiffy pub/restaurant/boutique hotel called The Swan in a lovely little village called Wedmore.

However for some reason this wasn’t enough for me and I have decided to pack in a regular paycheck and independent living by going back to university to study for a Masters in the Anthropology of Food (don’t ask what that is, because I have yet to figure it out for myself!). I therefore split my time between London and deepest, darkest Somerset, living with two cats, an ancient horse and two even more ancient parents.

When I have some spare time I enjoy horse riding, horse driving and rather strangely drawing skeletons (they’ve got none of that hard to draw fuzzy flesh).

You can contact me on r DOT pinnock88 AT googlemail DOT com.

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